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Said it feelIt feels like heaven[Verse: Nelly]Take it to the heaven, take it to the floorThis feeling heaven-sentEvery single me and you woke10 bottles and up, here we living upFly but the clouds you’ll never get stuckAnd you can take your take your time, my intentions you’ll handleSo said do you see? And got me seeing stars tangledAnd I’m going for the Superbowl field goalI know you feeling it right, hot lookin tonightIt ain’t no stopping when we poppin, girlfriend go inYea we got high all because she touchin and rubbinPlus above it I know you gotta be sickBut your light shine baby every time okay[Hook: Daley]It feels (it feels good)It feels like heavenAnd I don’t wanna go there girl so soonSo won’t you please come down hereIt feels like heaven![Verse: Nelly]Don’t hold your breath, don’t listenFeel like you going through hell – it’s just a visitFeel everything you going through you’re on your ownTake a shot of the silver shot, thank God for PatroneThank G