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Now this shit's about to kick off, this party looks wackLet's take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratchI'm 'bout to bloody this track up, everybody get backThat's why my pen needs a pad cause my rhymes on the ra-aagJust like I did with addiction I'm 'bout to kick itLike a magician, critics I turn to cricketsGot 'em still on the fence whether to pick itBut quick to get impaled when I tell 'em stick itSo sick I'm looking pale, well, that's my pigment'Bout to go ham, ya bitch, shout out to KendrickLet's bring it back to that vintage Slim, bitchThe art of MCing mixed with da Vinci and MC RenAnd I don't mean Stimpy's friend, bitchBeen public enemy since you thought PE was gym, bitch[Bridge:]Kick your shoes off, let your hair down(Go berserk) all night longGrow your beard out, just weird out(Go berserk) all night long[Hook:]We're gonna rock this house until we knock it downSo turn the volume loud, cause it's mayhem 'til the A.M.So baby make just like