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My feet won't stop, I can't keep stillBe rocking this until the sunlightThat beat's so sick, that tune's so illSeems they know just how to move me rightHe looks my way, won't waste my timeLooking in all the wrong placesWon't let history repeat in parallel linesA sucker for those pretty faces[Chorus:]Ooh, I need somebody to calm me downA little loving like ValiumI need somebody to knock me outI need some loving likeOoh, I don't know what I'm running fromBut when the sun comes up it won't be longI need some loving like ValiumI need some loving like[Verse 2:]It's 5 AM all on my ownI just need someone to talk with meI lost my friends, I check my phoneStill searching for someone to walk with meMy deep wounds rise, they take their placeAll of a sudden this don't feel rightI wish I had a pure embraceTo keep me warm until the sunrise[Chorus]I need some loving like...[Bridge:]Close my eyes, numb my painFeel my worries melt awayLay me down, treat me kindTake