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Keisuke Honda to join Italian Serie A to the " AC Milan " was determined by the [ AC Milan Keisuke Honda debut ] Japan national football team . Was bench 19th Section Sassuoro against Serie A , which started in 4:45 January 13th in Japan time ( away ) . This game , the only Honda " Honda camera " is ready . 9 minutes into the first half , to increase the second point first half 13 minutes Balotelli to raise the first point that Robinho is the first goal , followed is the additional point . However , returned three points within the first half , to wrap the game by losing record in the 2 -to-3 . The Honda start the warm-up to half-time . After the start of the second half , added one point further , this function under the two pairs 4, AC Milan with two of the three replacement frame . And the few minutes later , Keisuke Honda is called at last . Keisuke Honda , which made ​​its debut in Serie A had a presence clearly . Gives off headed for the first shot on a change early also not the goal to hit the player friendly . And to increase several times centering , but did not make it into the goal-scoring opportunity . Meanwhile , an exciting scene visit . Keisuke Honda , which has received the path from ally , intense left shot direct . However , this shot would have been bounced back to post regrettably . But the game was in Milan pace clearly Keisuke Honda is the thing go . Milan regained pace , returns one point , but not reach one step away , finishing in 3-to- 4 . Debut 's Honda became the defeat , but its presence is revealed . I think as gain the trust of the team this, but fans and supporters do not consent to be issued the results . Result of " score" We need to Honda . It's focused on the next game . 【ACミラン本田圭祐デビュー戦】サッカー日本代表でイタリアセリエAの「ACミラン­」への加入が決まった本田圭祐。 日本時間で1月13日午前4時45分にスタートしたセリエA第19節サッスオロ戦(ア­ウェイ)でベンチ入りした。 この試合、本田専用の「本田カメラ」が準備されている。 前半9分、ロビーニョが先制点となる1点目を上げ、続く前半13分バロテッリが追加点­となる2点目をあげる。 しかし、前半のうちに3点を返され、2対3で負け越して試合を折り返す。 ハーフタイムにはウォーミングアップを始める本田。 後半開始後...