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Something's happening to the Fonz.... Yes, something is happening to the Fonz and the Cunningham family of the hit TV series "Happy Days" - they are being brought to life in a new musical production of the same name, which is written by Garry Marshall, the original creator of the series. However, that's not the only connection to the original programme as the show has The Fonz himself, Henry Winkler, as creative consultant to help maintain the classic tone of the series SOUNDBITE Ex-'Happy Days' actor and creative consultant, Henry Winkler (English), saying: "Do you know, when it was first created it was created in the '50s for a reason, because then it doesn't have a date on it. You can tell stories with great moral without ever feeling like you're hit on the head." But, of course, 'Happy Days' isn't 'Happy Days' without the Fonz and in this production he's played by Ben Freeman, who luckily has Winkler there to give him lessons in cool. SOUNDBITE E