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The celebrity magazine Closer which claims French President Francois Hollande has been having an affair with an actress has promised to remove the story from its website. It follows a request from the lawyer of Julie Gayet, the actress in question. In Paris, many seem non plussed. ‘‘I think he is like any other person. He has a right to privacy like anybody else. We also don’t know if it’s simply a rumour or if it’s the truth. I’m really not bothered,’‘ said one woman. Another man said: ‘‘There are more important things to talk about right now than his private life, his mistresses. It’s a bit of a shame were not talking about real issues. This really doesn’t grab my attention at all.’‘Hollande threatened legal action against the magazine after it published a special edition detailing his alleged liason, which he has not denied. The French leader says he deplores the attack on his privacy.