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For the 3DS version of Sonic Generations, Sonic Team decided to have the team who made the Advance, Rush and Sonic 4 titles take a crack at developing a handheld version of their 20th anniversary game.And while, yes, there are some moments here and there that are pretty cool, the 3DS version of Generations is just massively inferior to its console counterpart. Not just in terms on content, or level selection, but from a lack of 3D gameplay, which makes the whole game seem really bland and offers little in the way of unique experiences for both Modern and Classic levels. It's certainly not the worst game ever, but when compared to the HD version it just lacks both imagination and impact. So watch on, as the HFC Sonic Crew takes a look at DIMP's latest foray into the Sonic franchise and laughs (and silently weeps) at the lack of any levels based on the handheld or Master System titles.Welcome to the Sonic Generations 3DS playthrough!