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It's hard not to get nostalgic when you realise it's been 20 years since the first Sonic game was released, way back in 1991. While other gaming mascots have died and been forgotten, Sonic managed to pull through. While other franchises, and indeed companies and fallen by the wayside, Sonic Team have endured. You'd think at this point, after the success of Sonic Colours, it would be easy for Sonic Team to celebrate Sonic's 20th birthday with a safe, pandering title that caters only to a niche demographic of the franchise.Fortunately though, Sonic Team actually decided NOT to half-ass their anniversary title, and as such we got one of the most technically sound and enjoyable 3D Sonic games to date. One that combines everything that makes the Unleashed-esque games exciting to play, as well as some decent 2D gameplay based on the classic parts of the franchise....hey, its not perfect, but what do you expect. It's a Sonic game.Welcome to the Sonic Generations playthrough!