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Thought I'd do something special for the first video of 2014 to celebrate the end of 2013 as well as show my appreciation to all of you that helped GATG as well as other channels I used and use from the beginning to this point. Awhile back, I had asked some Youtuber's both big and small to partake in this dramatic reading and a lot of people were down for it. Due to the amount of readings I got from these 11 people, I thought that it'd be appropriate to go ahead and make this video to start off 2014. I do plan on making more dramatic readings, specifically ones of BOTDF fantards and if anyone is interested in participating in it, be sure to message me on the OfficialGATG Facebook page. I say FB page due to Google+ infesting Youtube. I shall make an appearance of my own in the future dramatic reading videos other than editing and screenshotting the comments I do promise that. I'm experimenting with this new dramatic reading style influenced by NateTalksToYou and I hope you all enjoy the video and hope 2014 proves to be a great year for you all. [Thumbnail created by NateTalksToYou] [Dramatic Readers] [Video the comments are from] "MRR - BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR CRY WOLF!! The Endless Excuses of Dahvie Vanity [Part 1]" [Ramage Inc's Page - AWESOME BAND SHOUT OUT!!!] [Botanical Links] [Unto The Eidolon...