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Armaan-Sofiya's molestation controversy is definitely chipping in a lot of buzz of late. While initially we saw Armaan being taken to jail, we later also reported that he has been released on bail and will also re-enter the show! However, what we missed out amidst this drama is a shocking treat that was awaiting Armaan outside the Bigg Boss house! Without keeping you all waiting, let's get you through the story! Apparently, as Armaan was returning back to the house, the place was surprisingly mobbed with several women activists protesting against him! Shouting nasty slogans against the actor and displaying a show of movement on a whole, the crowd further worsened the situation by pelting rotten tomatoes, eggs and what not at Armaan! Whoa... not less than a horrifying night mare! However, no sooner the security guards came in for his rescue and led the actor inside the house! Phew... But well, with this, seems like a lot of fury is yet to erupt with Armaan's re-entry on the show!