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In a document setting out a platform for his papacy, Pope Francis attacks unfettered capitalism as a quote - "new tyranny" and calls on world leaders to fight poverty. Released on Tuesday, the 84-page document - officially called "Evangelii Gaudium" or "the Joy of the Gospel" - is the first major work authored by the new pope. In it, Pope Francis called for a renewal of the Catholic Church - and warned against quote "the idolatry of money." Bishop Rino Fisichella presented the manifesto at a news conference at the Vatican. SOUNDBITE BISHOP RINO FISICHELLA, SAYING: "In short, we find ourselves in the presence of a 'globalization of indifference,' and a 'sneering contempt' towards ethics, accompanied by a constant attempt to marginalize every critical warning over the supremacy of the market which, with its 'trickle down,' creates the illusion of helping the poor. If the Church today appears still highly credible in many countries of the world, even where i