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Fighting season draws to a close in Afghanistan. For the first time Afghan forces were in the lead. Brigadier General Heinz Feldmann, the spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan was made available to Reuters by the Pentagon. (SOUNDBITE)Brigadier General Heinz Feldmann saying: "We are at the end of the fighting season. We have seen hard fighting -- challenges to the Afghan National Security Forces. We have seen that the Afghan National Security forces have suffered losses. But, we have also seen that they have gained confidence -- throughout the season that they demonstrated cohesion and that they were further able to develop capabilities." Amid the carnage and the bloodshed Feldmann says there are signs of normalcy. (SOUNDBITE)Brigadier General Heinz Feldmann saying: "What you see when you are driving through kabul right now is that you see people with shopping bags, -- you see children going to school ev