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Ashley spends an afternoon on the beach and tells us about her wenis, which is, of couse, the little flap of skin on your elbow. Ashley has a very beautiful wenis which she is more than happy to show off while wearing a bikini. Ashley is very lucky to have two beautiful wenises, or is it called wenii? Ashley hopes that you don't get wenis envy after watching this video. Favorite This Video Hi!!! My name is Ashley and I'm so super excited to have my own vlog show after spending months with the Downstairs Guys and the Upstairs Girls. Alot of times they wouldn't let me talk on their shows, so now I get to have my own show on my own channel on my own youtube, on my own computer in my own place on my own street in my own city in my own state in my own country in my own world in my own universe... SUBSCRIBE to ASHLEYSHUGTIME NOW!!! Visit these other Iron Sink comedy channels from Upstairsgirls Downstairsguys Ashley's HugTime Sandy's Channel: IronSink Network: Cougars - Freakdom of Speech -