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Lyrics: Yeah, Bad Manners... Listen. Lately I've had the strangest dreams Plus I got money on my mind before I sleep So you can blame the cheese. Gangsta rap, I've never claimed to be (na-ah). Wake up and brush my teeth And that's about the only time I aim and squeeze You heard Ill Manners now you're listening to Bad Manners Back on attack, the kid with the British bandanas Going up the ladders on a board full of black-adders Put on me a beat I'm going black...cameras (cool) New David of rap..Cameron (swah) But the only thing I'm Downing is cans In a party by myself its going down in the cans It's time to Level Up I never doubted the fans And just like Ben I've got Plan's Raised in a Ill Manor But we all have a choice Even if the motherf*cks got their back to us, Sing louder, we all have The Voice (you go, you go, no Jessie you go) All the kids hate politics But do you vote? Nobody stopping one of us from running, On or off track.. U. Bolt (Plan B Ill Manors Chorus) (swah, swah) Yeah, the kid's back up in the play ground Tell a bully to pick a place, I bring the plague round. Wanna be stopping from chopping this paper, Your barking up the wrong tree, stay down. I never rose from a bed of roses, I'm from the roads so if you aint rollin' You're getting laid down. On the come up I was never on the covers, Face it - I've got the whole city covered - Capetown I'm going in with a catalog I'm knee deep Tell 'em it ain't over till they send it. The other day I appeared on "Free ...