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Andy Diekroger
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The PACE OS X Prebinding Script

Possible leaked photos of new Pod X3 & Pod X3 Live:

Stu Veneable from is looking for steel drum tracks

Stevie Wonder Is Going On Tour!

Celebrity Interview:

It's been awhile since we had a chance to catch up with 5-time Emmy-winning mixer and PSN Field Correspondent John Davidson. A lot has happened in the last several months and we're looking forward to catching up with him. Apparently his security access card for the VIP elevator here in the PSN Towers is still working so he came on up and joined Al in Studio B for a chat.

The Stupid Knob:

There is an entire Internet community and forum dedicated to the idea that the real Paul McCartney was replaced some time in 1966. Why? The leading theory is that the original Paul is dead, but there are many other theories to be considered.

So, if you're up for a colossal waste of time and a few laughs, check it out.

Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:

Q: Before achieving success as a singer, what did Luciano Pavarotti do for a living?

A: He was an elementary school teacher!

No correct answers this week. DOH!

See you next week!

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