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Panel Sean "Completely Overworked" Corse Zac "there is another" Shipley aDam "Trimming the Tree" Gardner Logan "Bat Out of Retail Hell" Roop Crazy "is sold out on" Jaco "16-Bit" Sindra

News Lots of Trailers! Iron Man 2 Trailer Mega Man 10 Trailer War of Cybertron Trailer Batman Arkham Asylum 2 Preview Teaser Trailer Halo: Reach Singer returning to X-men Patrick Stewart of "Extras" and "Robing Hood: Men in Tights" fame is getting fucking KNIGHTED Pepsi Throwback is coming back! MOTUC Skeletor sold out in 40 minutes, split shipment. New Transformers animated show? Voice casting has begun, Sue Blu voice-directing, Michael Bell auditioned for ratchet


2009 in Review Maximum Letdown RotF (Optimus Prime is a dick) X-Men: Origins - Wolverine Watchmen Battlestar: Galactica Underworld: Rise of the LicansGOAT Halo 3: ODST Sweet Vidmaster challenge night!Star Trek Beatles: Rock BandJury's Out Flash: Rebirth

COOLEST Beans of 2009

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