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Rock Me Amadeus by Megaherz for high quality/stereo audioTranslated lyrics:Translation ©2003 Jeremy WilliamsHe was a punkand he livedin the big cityIn all of Viennaeveryone knowshe was a man of actionHe was in debtbecause he drank and loved all womenEach shoutedCome and rock me AmadeusHe had viennese bloodHe was popularHe war number oneExactly, that was his flairHe never had enoughIt was the sound of musicEveryone shoutsCome and rock me AmadeusIt was around nineteen-eightyIt began in ViennaNo plastic money anymoreThe banks ruined himWhere the debt came fromwas well-known to everybodyHe was a man of the ladiesWomen loved his funkHe was a superstarHe was popularHe was emotionalExactly, that was his flairHe was a virtuosoHe was a rock-idolEveryone shoutsCome and rock me AmadeusIt was too hot for himIt was in ViennaIt was too hotIt was in Vienna