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or We stand on the edge of a Quantum Evolutionary Arc, the covenant of the Divine One, the Christ Within YOU, the greatest love story ever told. The reappearance of Spiritual Consciousness is Within as Divine Feminine Christ Energy. Humankind has evolved through thousands of years of the material world under a patriarchal structure. For the Evolution of the Soul and the Elevation of Unity Consciousness our Creativity, Intuition, Emotions and Heart-Centeredness are key to integrating wholeness. In these times the feminine energies are being empowered and the masculine is being healed to be in Harmony. Allow these words to touch the shell of fear to heal the unhealed shame and blindness of power. The Doorway is Open for you to enter and know this consciousness as your own. In the moment of surrender is the Love of the Beloved I AM. The Second Coming of Christ is Within The doorway is open for you to discover the true potential of your powerful spirit. Through the voice of compassion, nurturance and harmony, transformation takes place ushering peace, acceptance,love and cooperation. Prepare to embrace your feminine essence and intuitive wisdom as the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness opens your heart and imbibes your soul with a deep connection to your inner unity and mastery. The Beloved I Am is a divinely connected co-creation where the artists, author, teachers and an international collective synchronistically unified to compose ...