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All roads lead to NYC but the annual LGBT Pride Weekend in Washington, DC outshines NYC's larger event. Lots of friendly people but no pushing mobs. People come from SC, Va., Del., Pa., Md., NJ & everywhere else. A parade equal in it's size & diversity to NYC's. And with the Capitol Building itself in the background, plenty of room on the streets for both booths & visitors. As a NYC-o-phile, I am committing treason here. However, I personally preferred Capitol Pride to NYC's "too big to handle" event. This is a documentary that Ryan Wolowski & I produced forTime Warner's NYC Public TV Cable Channel.Television. Let me save myslf from loal lynching by pointing out that Capitol Pride is celebrated a couple weeks earlier in June than NYC's huge event. So, you can attend both. I strongly urge you to do so. this video will give you an ide of what a gret time you can have, in what for the moment, I'll call "Obama-Land" :-).