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Written and performed by James Kotecki Loosely inspired by the columns of: Roger Simon (POLITICO) Jonathan Capehart (Washington Post) John Dickerson (Slate) Timothy Egan (New York Times) LYRICS Herman Cain is an idiot That's not a partisan thing to say It's just an observation that he's ignorant on the issues of the day He'd build a moat on the Mexican border Free Guantanamo prisoners too He never heard of a neo-conservative is that the best that he can do? It's hard to run as a Republican when your abortion views aren't clear And "gay marriage is a state issue" isn't what they want to hear And 9-9-9 is a simple solution but the results might not be pretty It only really makes sense if you live inside Sim City Herman Cain is an idiot I'm sorry but that's a fact And don't try to call me a racist, it makes no difference that he's black I'm pretty sure Condoleezza Rice knows that China has got nukes And Colin Powell wouldn't need to rely on advisors to know what do with our troops And if you can't pronounce Uzbekistan, that's something you should hide Foreign policy stupidity shouldn't be a point of pride And his mishandling of his sex scandal should be a scandal of its own Because he had no plan to deal with the charges and he really should have known They were coming Running the country isn't the same as running a discount pizza chain Running an ad where your Chief ...