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Frankie asked if I could put Smooth Criminal on while he did the dishes. Wasn't long before I heard rustling coming from the kitchen. Filmed by his dad.PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT:This channel is kid-friendly and I will mod the comments to reflect that.FRANKIE UPDATE:Thank you so much for all of the kind comments! Franklin was very excited about hitting a million views this morning. The kids at school have been super supportive and excited for Franklin. He is lucky to have such fantastic classmates. Frankie's mom, my wife Jen, asked Frankie if he wanted anything special for hitting a million views. He asked her to help him make banana ice cream. We also had pizza tonight, which made for less dishes.11/12: Wow. One week later and a million and a half views! Frankie thinks this is awesome, but it really isn't a big deal to him. Just another fun thing in his life. He was DJing while I made breakfast this morning, and we got the idea that he should share some of his favorite tunes. So he picked out a 10 song playlist for you on our channel page (Parents please note: some folks might find lyrics or other things objectionable. We're pretty free with music or books in our house). We are not sure what is going to happen from here, if anything. But we do ask that you support music education in schools and support your local musicians. ~SteveTHE MUSIC:How can you not move to Michael? While I believe the manner in which we are using it is "fair use", we have not and will not run ads on this video. If the owners of the copyright on this music would like to run ads on the video, that is their choice and they would be welcome to do so. In the meantime, enjoy our video ad-free. And go buy some of Michael Jackson's music, and dance your pants off.HAVE YOU SEEN FRANKIE ON TV?:Up until this point (11/9), if you have seen Frankie on television, it was used without our permission. Almost all television stations use social media, so if you feel it was unfair that they used Frankie's work without permission in a manner that would not be considered "fair use", please let them know through social media.But please note: ABC's The Chew might air this tomorrow, and if they do they have our permission. They have agreed that if they run the video during their program, they will do right by Frankie. I hope other media outlets will be cool enough to value Frankie's wicked dance moves.If you like original folk/pop/country/rock: please check out Franklin's big sister Alice's channel: