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THE INTERVIEW - Han Dongfang, founder and director, "China Labour Bulletin"

Han Dongfang, a leading advocate on Chinese workers rights, talks to Annette Young about how social media has helped Chinese people find ... tags: affairsChinacommunismculturecurrentdiplomacyeconomics

The Wolf of Wall Street - Clip - You Work For Me

Revered filmmaker Martin Scorsese directs the true story of New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort DiCaprio. From the American dream to ... tags: BiographyClipDramaForStreetTheWall

Survey: The Germans and Immigration | People & Politics

As of January 1st 2014, Romanians and Bulgarians are free to work anywhere in the European Union. The Bavarian conservative party, the CSU, ... tags: bulgarianscsudeutschedwgermansgermanysimmigration

Kim K Still Insists She Is Not Getting Work Done

Most people with two eyes claim that Kim K has had plastic surgery, yet she still denies it. Kim's latest explanation is pretty believable ... tags: gettinghollyscoopinsistsisntkardashiankim_kardashiankim_kardashian_denies_plastic_surgery

Freelancing Dreams Vs. Reality

Wanna live the dream Be careful what you wish for. tags: dreamhomeJobslifeparentsrealityvacation

Ep.4 What the Hell is Wrong With You

This was inspired by Nash From Channel Awesome Here is his channel Facebook Twitter Support my business coming in March,21, 2014 tags: AnimeClothingCrimeFacebookFighting_gameShoesTeacher

How to Get Your LTE Nexus 7 to Work on Verizon's LTE Network

How to Get Your LTE Nexus 7 to Work on Verizon's LTE Network tags: GetHowLTENetworkNexusonto

Bulgarian and Romanian exodus fails to materialise as EU work restrictions are lifted

The lifting of restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians working in several European Union countries has not seen plane loads of them ... tags: andBulgarianexodusfailsImmigrationrestrictionsRomania

UK doors open to eastern immigrants

By McAvaney NickThe first Romanians and Bulgarians with unrestricted access to the UK labour market have begun to arrive despite last-ditch ... tags: bulgariaimmigrationinfluxjobsmigrationnewseurope_newsromania

Hip Hop Beats 2014 Download Now (Official Video)

HIP HOP BEATS 2014, Download Today on iTunes Amazon and Google Play with No Voice Over Tags Release Date 01-01-2014 iTunes Amazon Google ... tags: BeatsElectronic_musicHip-Hop-BeatsHip_HopInstrumental_Hip_HopInternational_Hip_HopLatin_Hip_Hop