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War of words: who will win the eurojargon battle

EU officials often use words like modalities, stakeholders and trilogue. How much is euro-speak turning off the public The European ... tags: battleeurojargonEuropean_electionsEuropean_politicsEU_Commissionthewho

Describing 2013 in Two Words

With a new year upon us Terry Hitchcock decided to get a sample of peoples thought on 2013. He interviewed 131 passers-by on the waterfront ... tags: 131interviews_in_new_zealandnew_years_resolutionsPeoplesStoryfulthoughtstwo

Banning words for 2014 is so stupid! Oh and HAPPY 2014, NEW YEAR!! - A video blog from my awesome ...

Just my thoughts on the stupidity of banning words for the new year. We will still use them. So fuck you if you don't agree with me, ... tags: banishedbanished_wordsbanishingbanned_wordbanned_wordsHomophobiaNew_Years_Eve

You Might Not Know English As Well As You Think

For example Do you know where the word 'testify' comes from You may or may not want to know. tags: englishenglish_languagefactshashtagLanguagetriviavocabulary

Bad Words - Red Band Trailer for Bad Words

Courtesy of Focus Features Theaters March 21st, 2014 tags: BadBatemanbeecontestgrownJasonman

Nelson Mandela's words of wisdom

Nelson Mandela was a man who inspired people from all walks of life from all over the world.Here are some of his most famous quotes to ... tags: DeathMandelasNelsonNelson_MandelaSouth_Africawisdomwords

Goose "Words" - La Gaîté Lyrique - Concert Evergig Live - Son HD

Goose live La Gat Lyrique 'Words'Concert complet sur notre site LuciferBring it onUnitedRealYour waysControlCan't stop me nowBlack ... tags: concertConcert_completEvergigGooseLa_Gaîté_LyriqueliveSon_HD

Learn Turkish 1

learn Turkish. learn Turkish online free. Learn to Speak Turkish Online. exchange languages, video Lyrics, video chat-room tags: learnlearn_Turkishlets_learn_TurkishOnlinephrasesSpeakto