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Amber Preserved 100 Million-Year-Old Plant in Reproduction Process

Scientists say theyve uncovered the oldest known example of floral reproduction. Scientists say theyve uncovered the oldest known example ... tags: bob_gualtieribob_gualtieri_mugshotsbob_gualtieri_sheriffGeoBeatsmugshots_removed_scammugshots_removed_sheriffNews

40-Pound Beehive Found at Miami International Airport

Construction workers in Florida got a not so nice surprise last month after a massive beehive, weighing 40 pounds, was discovered. Bees are ... tags: 40_thousand_beesbeehive_40_poundsbeehive_shipping_containerbees_miami_airportbees_miami_transportedGeoBeatsmiami_dade_bees

Cockroach Crawls in Sleeping Man's Ear

One man in Sydney, Australia woke up to extreme pain in his right ear. It was later discovered the cause of the discomfort was due to a ... tags: australian_man_roachcockroach_ear_canalcockroach_lodged_earcockroach_sleeping_maleGeoBeatshendrik_helmerhendrik_helmer_ear

'Extortion Scheme' Prompts Sheriff to Remove Mug Shots From Website

The Pinellas County, Florida sheriff announced that he will be removing all mug shots from the departments website, as they are being used ... tags: bob_gualtieribob_gualtieri_sheriffbooking_photos_removedbooking_photo_removedbooking_whos_in_jailGeoBeatsNews

Pregnant Woman Assaults Roommate Over Butter Dispute

A pregnant woman in Florida was arrested following an argument with her roommate, that later turned physical. 24-year-old Jennifer Feagley ... tags: GeoBeatsjennifer_feagleyjennifer_feagley_arrestjennifer_feagley_fightNewspatricia_marsonpregnant_lady_fight

X-Ray Reveals Marijuana and Stolen Jewelry in Suspect's Rectum

A bizarre case recently made reports, involving a DUI suspect, Christopher Scheller, who stashed stolen goods and drugs in his own body ... tags: christopher_schellerdrugs_anal_cavitydrugs_rectumGeoBeatsNewsscheller_anal_xrayscheller_rectum_xray

Burbank Thieves Targeting Side View Mirrors of Luxury Cars

Police in Burbank, California are busy investigating a string of thefts which occurred over the course of one weekend. Thieves are ... tags: bmw_mirrors_stolenburbank_bmw_mirrorsburbank_cops_mirrorsburbank_side_mirrorsGeoBeatsluxury_cars_mirrorsNews

Golden Retriever Mimics Police Siren

In an adorable viral video from Japan, a golden retriever does a spot-on impression of a police siren, Not much is known about the video, ... tags: baby_dogBroken_News_DailyCameron_Edmondsoncomedydogs_imitating_thingsdog_siren_howldog_videos

Bugatti Makes $98,000 Belt Buckle

Supercar manufacturer Bugatti has teamed with Swiss luxury company Roland Iten to create the R22 Bugatti Calibre belt buckle, which will ... tags: Brian_KaneBroken_News_Dailybugatticomedyexpensive_giftsexpensive_mens_accessoriesfunny

Police Trainee Dog Swallows $30K Diamond

A trainee police dog in the UK, named Jack recently swallowed his caregiver, Angie Collins' diamond, which he chewed right out of her ... tags: angie_collinsangie_collins_police_dogangie_collins_ringcanine_eat_diamonddog_30_thousand_ringdog_wedding_ringGeoBeats

Company Creates Autoluminescent Plants

A biotechnology company based out of St. Louis recently unveiled a lineup of plants that are entirely autoluminescent. Glowing animals and ... tags: alexander_krichevskyautoluminescent_plantsbioglow_avatarbioglow_glowing_plantsbioglow_new_plantsGeoBeatsglowing_plans