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Project 14 Tag

The video questions 1 Why did you decide to participate in Project ChronicleQuestion 2 What aspect of your vlog/yourself would you like to ... tags: Christopher_WereChris_WereDFTBADon’t_Forget_To_Be_AwesomeNerdfighterNerdfighteriaProject_12

Webcam Vlog in 1080p - I received the 3.2 GHz processor in the mail for my desktop beast, now just ...

Just thought I would give you a heads up. Also, 4K video seems to be an extreme memory hog. In that case, I will have no choice but to get ... tags: GeekTurn_AroundVideo_blogVlogvloggervloggingvloggity

Do super amoled displays use circular staggered pixels? Check out this vlog and the pictures that ...

Just wanted to toss this video up there. Couldn't use my digital camera due to the fact it's manual focus couldn't beat out my camcorder's, ... tags: amoledDisplayLEDLight-emitting_diodeScreensuper_amoledTrinitron

How To Edit Vlog Videos In Adobe CS6

I quickly brush through all the things I know about Adobe CS6 and how to edit a vlog video for maximum entertainment and usage. I make it ... tags: Adobe_CS6EditEditedHow_DoHow_ToPremeire_ProVlog


Some time ago I was asked to share my thoughts on ageism. Here they are.Website tags: ageismChristopher_WereChris_WereDFTBANerdfighterNerdfighteriaprejudice

Facetime webcam vlog from my Blackberry - Free/masons, illuminati and reptilians aren't any of my ...

Just thought I would record this short video. Originally intended something far more crude, but decided not to, since it wasn't even worth ... tags: freemasonsfree_masonfree_masonsIlluminatimasonmasonsObsessions

Scott Rants Bruce The Cop Herbet The Geek

I'm going to be bringing back and keeping Bruce The Cop and Herbet The Geek. These are characters I played in the past and they do need to ... tags: Bruce_The_CopCraighead_ProductionsHerbet_The_GeekScott_CraigheadScott_RantsUpdateVlog

Call of Duty Ghosts unboxing PS3

offertona oggi al gamestop per questo cod ghosts che sembra promettere molto bene come sempre vi invito a lasciare un 'mi piace' e a ... tags: Call_of_DutycodfpsghostghostsPlayStationps3

Videogames & Anime #1 vlog su dailymotion

sono un appassionato di videogiochi, ho deciso di allargare la mia passione da yt a dailymotion, seguitemi numerosi.... pagina FB canale yt tags: animeDailymotionfifaFIFA_14gameplaymicrosoftps3