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Ukraine's anti-government protesters drive away campaign fatigue with a car rally in Kyiv

Ukraines opposition supporters drove in their hundreds towards President Viktor Yanukovychs residence on Sunday in a bid to take their ... tags: awaycampaigncardrivefatigueKyivProtests_in_Ukraine

Turnout falls but Ukraine protesters vow to stay put over holidays

What now for Ukraines anti-government protestersOpponents of President Viktor Yanukovych were still in Kyivs Independence Square on Monday ... tags: butfallsoverProtests_in_UkraineputstayTurnout

New association born in Ukraine on fifth Sunday of protests

Protests by an estimated 100,000 opponents of Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych have been taking place in Kyiv for a fifth consecutive ... tags: associationbornKievNewProtests_in_UkraineSundayUkraine

A journey to eurosceptic Donetsk

The Donbass region is located in Eastern Ukraine and is one of President Viktor Yanukovichs strongholds. The highly industrialised area has ... tags: DonetskeuroscepticjourneyProtests_in_UkraineUkraineUkraine_politicsViktor_Yanukovych

Anti government protesters in Kyiv reject Ukrainian-Russian pact

Anti-government protesters continue to brave the cold in Kyivs Independence Square. Music and colourful tents help keep momentum high but ... tags: AntiEU-Ukraine_2013GasgovernmentKyivpactprotesters

Russia bails out Ukraine, but at what cost?

Russia has agreed to purchase 11 billion euros of Ukraines debt and to cut the price its neighbour pays for gas by about a third.The deal ... tags: bailsbutcostEU-Ukraine_2013GasRussiaRussian_politics

Decisive Tuesday in Ukraine as opposition calls for another large rally in Kyiv

Tens of thousands of demonstrators are maintaining a stubborn presence in Kyivs Independence Square as the EU says it is halting work on a ... tags: callsEU-Ukraine_2013forKievKyivlargeProtests_in_Ukraine

Ukraine: supporters of President Yanukovych gather in Kyiv

Several thousand demonstrators gathered in Kyivs Marinsky Park region in support of President Victor Yanukovychs government.Many of the ... tags: EU-Ukraine_2013gatherKievKyivPresidentProtests_in_UkraineUkraine

Ukraine crisis: opposition leaders agree to talks with President Yanukovich

Ukraines main opposition leaders have agreed to take part in talks with President Victor Yanukovich as part of efforts to end the countrys ... tags: crisis:leadersoppositionPresidentProtests_in_UkrainetalksUkraine

Round table talks in Kyiv as daughter of Yulia Tymoschenko calls for big turn out at Sunday protest ...

The president of Ukraine has met with the opposition in round table talks. In a meeting brokered by Leonid Kravchuk, the first president of ... tags: bigdaughterforKyivProtests_in_UkraineSundayUkraine

Ukraine seeks 20 bln euros in EU aid

Ukraine wants 20 billion euros in economic aid from the EU in return for signing a trade pact with the bloc.EU foreign policy chief ... tags: aidblnEU-Ukraine_2013European_UnioneurosKievseeks

Kyiv protesters brave the cold as political tug-of-war continues

Ukrainian anti-government protesters stood their ground in Kyivs Independence Square on Thursday. They rebuilt barricades after the police ... tags: bravecontinuesEU-Ukraine_2013KyivpoliticalprotestersProtests_in_Ukraine