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Big freeze at the Niagara Falls delights tourists

It is one of the most breathtaking consequences of the Arctic chill that has been gripping North America.Parts of the iconic Niagara Falls ... tags: BigCanadaFallsfreezeNiagaraSnowfallSnow_storm

Lost Maryland dog found in Maine

Dempsey, a 1-year-old boxer that belongs to Jamie Cyrway's family in Severn, Md., was found Monday morning in an abandoned warehouse in ... tags: Jamie_Cyrwaylost_dogMaineNorth_Ansonpolar_vortexSevernsnowstorm

Chicago frozen in extreme cold weather

The Windy City of Chicago was still suffering from freezing cold temperatures on Wednesday despite a slight increase in warmth as compared ... tags: ChicagoChicago frozen in extreme cold weatherSnowfallSnow_stormUSAWeather

East coast US gripped by record breaking low temperatures

A deadly blast of artic air that has smashed decades-old records is continuing to wreak havoc as it moves across to the US east coast.Road, ... tags: breakingcoastEastgrippedlowrecordSnow_storm

Hell frozen over as US big freeze shatters temperature records

In the US city of Chicago the temperature fell to minus 17 degrees centigrade as a polar air mass swept across the States and Canada. It is ... tags: bigfreezefrozenHelloverrecordsSnow_storm

Homeless seek sanctuary as 'polar vortex' freezes parts of US and Canada

As parts of the US and Canada shiver in the icy grip of a polar vortex the plight of the homeless is brought into sharp focus.In Chicago ... tags: andCanadafreezespartspolarsanctuarySnow_storm

WINTER IS COMING : How cold is it in Chicago?!

This guy gives us the proof that it's so so cold in Chicago... Look tags: amazingChicagocoldiceproofsnowsnow_storm

Americans go lukewarm over the big freeze

Temperature records have tumbled as the extreme cold continues to envelop Canada and much of the United States. In New York minus 16 ... tags: bigCanadafreezelukewarmNorth_AmericaoverSnowfall

Polar blast grips the US as bitterly cold temperatures spread south

After snow covered much of the United States on Monday, many Americans braced themselves for the coldest night in over two decades.The ... tags: CanadaNorth_AmericaPolarSnowfallSnow_stormspreadtemperatures

North America set for record low temperatures as cold snap stretches

First heavy snowstorms, now record low temperatures. The deadly Artic blast bashing northern America is set to continue.Flight delays and ... tags: CanadaforlowNorthrecordsetSnow_storm

Arctic freeze hits US Midwest with record low temperatures

The northeastern United States and parts of Canada continue to be blasted by an arctic chill that has brought snow blizzards, frigid ... tags: ArcticCanadafreezehitslowMidwestrecord

North America shivers under icy whiteout

Canada and the northeastern United States are covered with a thick blanket of snow in the first major snowstorm of the year. It has cut off ... tags: AmericaicyNorthshiversSnowfallSnow_stormunder