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Willo the Wisp - Episode 5 - The Dragon

Sometimes strange things can happen in Doyley Wood. As Mavis and Arthur are walking through the woods they hear a loud ROAR It is a ...

Willo the Wisp - Episode 4 - Holidays

Once a year the people of Doyley wood go on holiday. Mavis is going somewhere exciting, Carwash is going to Catford, and Moog, being ...

Willo the Wisp - Episode. 3 Food for Thought

Strange things often happen in Doyley Wood. Arthur meets a strange creature called the Bookworm, who is very clever because he eats pages ...

Willo the Wisp - Episode 14- The Hot, Hot Day

It was ever such a hot day in Doyley Wood, and this put Evil Edna in a very bad mood. When the Beast crosses her path and asks if she could ...

Willo the Wisp - Episode 19 - The Bean-Stalk

Arthur is convinced hes about to become a moth. However when he goes to the Chrysalis he built month before, the Gnomes living there and it ...

Willo the Wisp - Episode 21 - The Midas Touch

Evil Edna has a money making plan when she turns herself into a wishing well. When Arthur and Mavis come across the well it talks to them, ...

Willo the Wisp - Episode 26 - Christmas Box

It was just before Christmas and everyone was full of Christmas cheer, all except Evil Edna. On Christmas Eve the Astronets returned to ...

Willo the Wisp - Episode 18 - The You Know What

The Moog gets a flea. When Mavis tried to get rid of him from the Moogs back, she actually makes him bigger. The next few days the flea ...

Willo the Wisp - Episode 13 - Games With Edna

When it starts to rain in Doyley Wood, Arthur, Carwash the Moog decide to take shelter under a tree. Its not long before they realise that ...

Willo the Wisp - Episode 20 - Cats and Dogs

Evil Edna, fed up of the nice weather decides to make it rain cats and dogs. Doyley Wood was covered with cats and dogs that looked just ...

Willo the Wisp - Episode 12- The Joys of Spring

After a long cold and dreary winter in Doyley Wood, Carwash noticed that the start of Spring had arrived. He rushed off to tell everyone ...

Willo the Wisp - Episode 15 - Halloween

It was Halloween in Doyley Wood and it also happened to be Evil Ednas birthday. Everyone else was planning a Halloween party for that ...