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16 and Pregnant: What Are the Effects of Media Exposure?

16 and Pregnant What Are the Effects of Media ExposureCommonwealth Club - SF Club OfficeTeen pregnancies and young motherhood is an issue ... tags: 2012_electionabortionCommonwealth_ClubJane_MauldonLisa_AliferisLupe_RodriguezLynn_Ponton

For The First Time, Congress Mostly Millionaires

A new analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics shows more than 50 percent of members of Congress have a net worth greater than 1 ... tags: congresscongress_millionairescongress_richcongress_wealthydarrell_issadavid_valadaomillionaires

For millennials, political thrill is gone

A new study shows millennials have lost much of their enthusiasm for politics since President Obamas first election. John Della Volpe of ... tags: #postback20-something20-somethings30s@background@posttvblue

Millennials as 'first globals'

Pollster and author John Zogby explains why he sees the Millennial generation as 'first globals,' with the world at their finger tips. tags: #postback20-something20-somethings30s@background@posttvblue

Immigration advocates warn of political fallout

Immigration reform has yet to pass Congress. But activists say that needs to change in 2014or lawmakers will face the political ... tags: 201220142016Barack_ObamacitizenshipCongressDemocrats

Parsing the politics of millennials

Recent polls show President Obamaaposs approval among millennials is declining. But thataposs just one trait of a generation politicians ... tags: della_volpedemocratsjohn_zogbylibertariansmillennialsrepublicanszogby

Politics, economy and ATVs in West Virginia

With the decline of coal mining in West Virginia, a state that was once a stronghold in the Democratic party, many residents are changing ... tags: coalcountryDemocratsNorthforkpoliticsrepublicansshow

GOP voters like Paul Ryan. Here's why.

A new poll shows Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., leading the field among possible GOP White House contenders in 2016. Hereaposs why Republicans ... tags: 2008201220142016Barack_Obamabudgetchris_cillizza

Ryan: Deal lets Congress 'reclaim the power of the purse'

Rep. Paul Ryan R-Wis. said at a news conference Wednesday that the budget deal he hammered out with Sen. Patty Murray D-Wash. takes a step ... tags: bipartisanbudgetbudget_dealbudget_showdownbusinesscongresscongressional_spending

Sound smart about the budget deal. In 2 minutes.

Washington Post economic columnist Neil Irwin tells you everything you need to know about the new budget deal in two . tags: billionbudgetclub_for_growthIn_PlayPatty_MurrayPaul_RyanPolitics

Young people give the GOP an Obamacare gift

Young people arent signing up for Obamacare health exchanges, a new poll shows. Aaron Blake tells you why this is a holiday present for the ... tags: Aaron_BlakeGOPHarvard_Institute_of_PoliticsHarvard_pollhealthcare.govhealth_care_lawhealth_exchanges