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Presidential Videos - 2 by Popular

Ohio's vote could be like Florida recount of 2000

Both campaigns are pointing to Ohio as the state most likely to decide the election. Dean Reynolds reports.

Afghan candidates gearing up for president elections

Afghanistan will have a new president next year.

Perry on the offensive

Rick Perry will be announcing a plan for the economy and job creation. It comes as his poll numbers slip in the race for the Republican ...

Gingrich: "Anti-Semitism " in Wall St. protests

Former Speaker of the House and GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich speaks to Erica Hill about the race for 2012, bickering between ...

Perry gaffes and Gingrich up after debate

Jan Crawford reports on the results of the latest GOP presidential debate.

Newt, rising in polls, says race "wide open"

Chris Wragge speaks with Newt Gingrich about his recent uptick in the polls in the race for the GOP Presidential nomination.

DeMint asks candidates about balancing budget

During the CBS News/National Journal debate, Republican presidential candidates answer a question by Senator Jim DeMint, R - S.C., about ...

Is it going to be Romney or Gingrich?

Russ Mitchell, Amy Holmes and Leslie Sanchez discuss who could be the potential GOP candidate for the 2012 election.

Michelle Bachmann: "We're running to be first in Iowa"

Congresswoman and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann talks to Chris Wragge and Rebecca Jarvis about Newt Gingrich's recent ...

Which candidate has best chance to beat Obama?

CBS News political director John Dickerson spoke with Scott Pelley on which candidate, according to Republican caucus-goers there, has the ...

Obama targets "you're on your own" economics

President Obama said in a speech that the time for 'you're on your own' economics is over. Bill Plante reports Mr. Obama will repeat this ...

Gingrich topping GOP presidential field in Iowa

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich beat out Mitt Romney and Ron Paul in the latest CBS News/New York Times poll. Jan Crawford reports on ...