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CNN: Democrat votes for Santorum in Michigan: Felt "dirty"

A Michigan Democrat tells Dana Bash he felt 'dirty' after voting for Rick Santorum in the primary. tags: Barack ObamaCNNCNN TVDemocratselection 2012election pollsElections 2012

Adstravaganza: Battle of ads as Russia prepares to elect president

In just two weeks Russians will vote for a new president. The candidates are doing all they can to woo the electorate. From intense debates ... tags: 20124 marchCommercialDaria Pushkovaelection 2012Fair electionMironov

Battlefield USA 2012: Gerald Celente on year's top trends

Gerald Celente, the founder of the Trends Research Institute gives RT's Marina Portnaya his predictions for the headlines of tomorrow. OWS ... tags: act of warbattlefield USABushdecentralizationdefaultdemocracyeconomic embargo

Russia street protest begets League of Voters to secure fair poll

Ahead of next month's presidential election in Russia, a group of journalists, bloggers and proactive figures have created a League of ... tags: 4febBolotnaya Squareelection 2012Fair electionLeague of VotersMoscowOpposition

'No question of US backing for Russian opposition'

Saturday was a day for demonstrations in Russia. Over two hundred thousand people gathered across the country to voice their political ... tags: 4febBolotnaya Squareelection 2012Fair electionGeorgiaMoscowOpposition

CrossТalk: Obamney

How conservative is Mitt Romney Whose values does he represent Since Obamania seems to have fizzled, can Romney overshadow Obama Who has ... tags: Doug ThornellJon mchenryKatrina PiersonObamapeter lavellePresidential campaignPresidential election 2012

Voting on Video: Big Brother wires up to watch Russia election

The watchful eyes of webcams are about to be set up across Russia, ahead of next month's Presidential elections. The move was proposed by ... tags: ballot boxBig BrotherCary JohnstonCCTV cameraEgor Piskunovfair electionobservers

Video: 160000 in Moscow for mass rallies despite -20C freeze

According to police, more than 160000 gathered for rallies in Moscow on February 4, both pro- and anti- government. Read the full story ... tags: 4febBolotnaya Squareelection 2012Fair electionMoscowOppositionParliamentary election

Freeze Frame: Tens of thousands rally in -20C Moscow

Tens of thousands have gathered in Moscow on Saturday for a day of protests - the largest seen in the capital so far. One group was ... tags: 4febBolotnaya Squareelection 2012Fair electionMoscowOppositionParliamentary election

A Clarion Call

The 2012 Presidential Election is a year away. West LA is showing signs of angst and political posturing. Minnie D. Moe issues a Clarion ... tags: American Politics campaign video Charles Morgan Charley Morgan Charlotte Morgan Clarion Call Del Casher

IOWA GOP CHAIR: Ames Straw Poll 'Very Vital,' Despite No-Shows

Matt Strawn, the chairman of the Iowa Republican Party, told ABC News' 'Top Line' that the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa scheduled for this ... tags: Ames Straw Poll GOP Presidential Election 2012Ames Straw PollGOPPresidential Election 2012Top Line