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Colo. Officials Respond To 420 Mile Marker Theft Problem

The Colorado Department of Transportation changed the 420 mile marker sign to 419.99. The change comes after the original sign kept getting ... tags: 420_mile_marker420_signcdotcolorado_marijuanacolorado_weedlegalize_marijuanamarijuana

Drunk Vs. Stoned

To test if people function better drunk or stoned, I got really drunk one night and then really high on another night and made this video. tags: alcoholdrinkingDrugsmarijuanaoriginal_videopotstoned

Hellmouth Vlog 01.08.14 [Day 1155] - Cheap Room Heater How-To!!!

SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE SEXY HELLMOUTH MERCH Get Hellmouth T-Shirts Here HAUNT SAUCE Hot Sauce 9 each + 6 Shipping/Packaging Any ... tags: babybathCandleClayHalloweenhalloween_hellmouthheater

NY state set to allow use of medical marijuana

New York state is set to allow a limited use of medical marijuana, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Wednesday. tags: HashLegalisemarijuanamedicalPotsetstate

◄► Une vache coincée dans un énorme pot en terre (WTF)

En Asie, un type casse un pot en terre coup de maillet. C'est alors qu'une vache sort du pot. Est-elle rentre seule ou l'a-t-on forc y ... tags: animalanimauxbattubrisercasserenlol

4 things to know about recreational pot laws

Recreational marijuana sales are underway in Colorado, attracting a new type of tourism to the state. Govbeataposs Reid Wilson breaks down ... tags: 2014coloradogovbeatlegalizationlegalize_itmarijuanamedicinal

2014 Marks Colorado's First Day Of Legal Marijuana Sales

January 1, 2014 marks the first day of legal marijuana sales in Colorado. tags: coloradocolorado_potillegallegallegalitymarijuanamary_jane

World's first state-licensed marijuana retailers open doors in Colorado

As of January 1st, cannabis can be legally produced, sold and taxed in Colorado. Iraq War veteran Sean Azzariti, who suffers from PTSD, was ... tags: doorsforgeneralmarijuanaopenopenedpot

Iraq war vet is first person to buy pot legally in US

America's first recreational pot industry opened in Colorado on Wednesday. The first customer to legally buy pot was Sean Azzariti, an Iraq ... tags: BuyColoradoDrugsHashLawLegaliseMarijuana

US: Colorado stores blaze a trail - selling pot for recreational use

Colorado has made history by becoming the first US state to allow stores to sell pot for recreational purposes.Iraq War veteran Sean ... tags: ColoradoDesigner_DrugsDrug_takingforpotrecreationalselling

Colorado ringing in the New Year with legalized pot stores

Colorado is getting ready for 'Green Wednesday.' Starting on New Year's Day, anyone 21 or older can legally begin to buy recreational ... tags: BeginningJanuarylegallegalizedmarijuanapotrecreational

Colorado Prepares For First Recreational Marijuana Sales

Marijuana retailers in Colorado are gearing up for New Year's Day, when selling pot for recreational use becomes legal in the state. tags: cannabiscoloradomarijuananew_years_daypotrecreational_marijuanastate_marijuana_laws