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Group Linked To Al Qaeda Regains Ground In Northeast Syria

A group linked to al Qaeda recaptured much of its stronghold in the northeast Syrian city of Raqqa on Sunday, activists said, dealing a ... tags: al_QaedaIraqIslamicnortheast_SyriaNusra_FrontQaeda-affiliatedState

Al Qaeda Group Vows To Attack Syrian Rebels, Opposition Leaders

An al Qaeda affiliate based in Iraq and Syria has vowed to crush opposition groups it has been confronting in the worst outbreak of ... tags: al_Qaedaal_Qaeda-linked_factionFethi_BoucettaIslamic_State_of_IraqNusra_FrontWar_ConflictWestern_Asia

Al-Qaida-linked Group Ramps Up Regional Violence

Al-Qaida is positioning itself as a vanguard defending the Sunni community against what it sees as persecution by Shiite-dominated ... tags: Arabic_languageIraqi_insurgencyIslamicIslamic_State_of_IraqMemberMember_states_of_the_United_NationsNusra_Front

Syrian Qaeda Branch Urges Truce To Halt Rebel Infighting

The head of an al Qaeda-linked rebel group in Syria called on Tuesday for a ceasefire between opposition factions who have clashed for five ... tags: Bashar_al-AssadNusra_FrontSyrian_QaedaWar_ConflictWorld_News

Qaeda Leader In Syria Seeks To Halt Rebel Infighting

The leader of the Nusra Front, an affiliate of Al Qaeda in Syria, on Tuesday proposed an initiative aimed at halting the worst infighting ... tags: 2010-Abu_Mohammed_al-JolaniAfricaandBashar_al-MiddleNorth

Syria Islamists Fight Al Qaeda Allies In Raqqa

Rival Islamist rebel groups fought in the Syrian city of Raqqa on Monday, residents said, as local fighters tried to drive out a ... tags: Islamic_State_of_IraqIslamic_terrorismIslamist_groupsNusra_FrontOrganized_crimeShiite-led_governmentTerrorism_in_Iraq

Syrian Rebels Clash With Al-Qaida-Linked Fighters

Syrian opposition fighters battled rival rebels from an al-Qaida-linked faction across parts of northern Syria on Sunday, as deep fissures ... tags: Aleppo_cityBashar_al-AssadFree_Syrian_ArmyIslamic_State_of_IraqModern_history_of_Syrianorthern_SyriaNusra_Front

Syrian Rebel Alliance Battles Al Qaeda-linked Fighters

An alliance of Islamist and other rebel factions battled fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant across north-western Syria ... tags: al_Qaedaal_Qaeda-linked_Sunni_MuslimforGulf_DTHIndividualKafr_TakharimLiberty

Syrian Rebels Launch Fierce Offensive Against Al Qaeda Fighters

Syrian rebel factions battled fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ISIL across north-west Syria on Saturday in the ... tags: al_Qaeda-linked_Sunni_MuslimforGulf_DTHIndividualLibertyModern_history_of_SyriaNusra_Front

FBI Director Worried Americans Fighting In Syria Could Bring Tactics Home

The FBI is concerned that Americans may be fighting in Syria and could bring terrorist tactics back to the United States, but U.S. ... tags: Domestic_NewsFederal_Bureau_of_InvestigationMiddle_EastNusra_FrontReutersSyriaSyrian_uprising