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Protesters Stage Pillow Fight in Hamburg

A crowd staged a mass pillow fight in Hamburg late on January 10 as part of protests against a police designation of a section of the city ... tags: Fightgermany_videoHamburghamburg_videonews_videoPillowpillow_fight

Wind Blows People Off the Street!

Extreme strong winds in Zakopane, Poland push these pedestrians right off the street during a winter storm. To save you time, they ended up ... tags: news_videoweather_videowind_blows_people_off_streetwind_blow_poland

News Helicopter Scares Typhoon Survivors

Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan are forced to take shelter as a hovering helicopter sent debris flying in Tacloban on November 26. Cameraman ... tags: news_videophilippines_videostoryfultacloban_videoweather_video

Tribute to Mandela at Cape Town City Hall

Crowds gathered outside Cape Towns City Hall on Friday, December 6, the morning after the death of Nelson Mandela. The former South African ... tags: Nelson_MandelaNews_videoStoryfulTzviatkoChiderovYouTube

Crowd pays tribute to Mandela at former Soweto home

South Africans gathered at Nelson Mandelas former home in Soweto on December 6 to celebrate his life. These scenes of song and dance are ... tags: NateClarkYouTubeNelson_MandelaNews_videoStoryful

Footage of Mt. Etna Eruption

Europes most active volcano, Mount Etna in Sicily, again erupted on December 2, causing flights to Catania to be diverted. The spectacular ... tags: Mount_EtnaNews_VideoStoryfulVolcano_eruption

Helicopter Crash-Lands on Glasgow Pub

A police helicopter crashed into the roof of a busy city centre pub in Glasgow on Friday night, November 29, with one confirmed fatality by ... tags: GavinMaxwellYouTubeGlasgow_ScotlandHelicopterNews_videoStoryful

Volcanic Rocks Rain In Italy!

A massive cloud of lava ashes and stones hit North-Eastern Sicily after an explosive eruption from Mt. Etna. The phenomenon is not rare, ... tags: mount_etna_rain_italynews_videovolcanic_rainvolcanic_rock_rain_sicily

Rare Tornado In the Netherlands

A resident in Arnhem recorded this footage of a rare tornado sweeping through eastern Netherlands.

Roof Gets Blown Off During Windstorm

Check out this incredible clip during a recent windstorm in Europe showing the roof from a row of buildings getting blown off on the Island ...

Note 15 ottobre 2013

Esclusivamente su b-street 'Note' la video news che ti informa su tutte le novit, le anteprime, le curiosit dal mondo dello spettacolo in ...