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Democrat and Republican negotiators agree a new spending bill to put before Congress

With another deadline looming at midnight Wednesday for a new spending bill, Democrat and Republican negotiators have come up with one ... tags: American_budgetandbillCongressDemocratFinancenegotiators

Flowers and flags greet Iran negotiators on their return to Tehran

Flowers and flags and thousands greeted Irans negotiators on their return to Tehran after reaching a landmark agreement with world powers ... tags: andEuropean_UnionflagsgreetIrannegotiatorsNuclear_Energy

What Happens if Lawmakers Don't Reach Debt-Ceiling Deal by Deadline?

Debt-ceiling negotiations crept along Tuesday as both sides agreed on the need for action, but not on the fundamentals of a deal. Gwen ... tags: august 2 bipartisan policy center congress deadline debt debt ceiling Gwen Ifill

Gunman kills seven in Michigan rampage

Police in the U.S. state of Michigan say a man suspected of shooting dead seven people has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Travis ... tags: dancedgrand_rapidshostagesmichigannegotiatorspolice_officersUS

Oneida County Sheriff's Dept. holds press conference 6-15-11

The Oneida County Sheriff's Department held a press conference on Wednesday to address the incident in which one its deputies was killed. tags: lightningLocalnegotiatorspatersonsheriffvaccinewinds

Rising Waters Concern Genesee County Residents

All the wet weather has helped Flint shatter the rain totals record, with 14.83 inches of rain so far for the spring season. tags: center_for_automotive_researchdelphidelphi'sinitial_public_offeringLocalnegotiatorsplant

Budget Negotiations Are Underway To Avoid Layoffs

HARTFORD- Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says he's still hopeful a labor savings deal can be reached with the state employee unions, even though ... tags: capitolconnecticutlayoffsLocalnegotiatorsraffrally

A Government shutdown is looming

The federal government will shut down at midnight tomorrow night if there is no budget passed tags: defendingharry_reidkidnappedLocalnegotiatorsrepublicanshutdown