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Mitt Romney Videos - 6 by Popular

The Drive: The lessons of the latest GOP debate

09/27/13 senior political reporter Brian Montopoli explained how the latest republican debate on foreign policy shed light on the ...

Newt Gingrich surge: Will it last?

CBS News political director John Dickerson was joined Friday by Time's Michael Scherer, Politico's Jonathan Martin and National Journal's ...

Romney: Obama "afraid of facing me"

On a campaign stop in Miami Tuesday, Mitt Romney told reporters President Obama's re-election campaign does not want to see him as the ...

Gingrich: Allegations don't disqualify Cain

Newt Gingrich empathized with opponent Herman Cain, telling CBS News' Nancy Cordes in South Carolina Tuesday allegations of sexual ...

Romney considered Obama's toughest challenger

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has stayed in focus on the campaign trail, giving no time to current frontrunner Newt ...

The Drive: Who benefits if Herman Cain drops out?

CBS senior political reporter Brian Montopoli explains how as controversy clouds Herman Cain's campaign, Newt Gingrich picks up ...

Romney wishes Cain well

Before Herman Cain officially announced he was suspending his campaign Saturday, Mitt Romney wished his former opponent well from a ...

GOP horserace: Who leads the pack this week?

09/27/13's Brian Montopoli and CBS News Radio's Dan Raviv discuss the state of the 2012 Republican presidential race after this week in ...

Robert Gibbs: Newt Gingrich is "for real"

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, an adviser to President Obama, spoke to Bob Schieffer about the candidacies of GOP ...

Can Romney win over Evangelicals?

On a campaign stop in Paradise Valley, Ariz. Tuesday, CBS News and National Journal' Sarah Boxer asked Mitt Romney how he plans to appeal ...

Christie "not worried" about Newt surge

On a campaign stop for Mitt Romney in Iowa Wednesday, N.J. Gov., and one-time rumored presidential candidate, Chris Christie told reporters ...

'Occupy' protesters interrupt Christie; N.J. Gov amused

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie was interrupted by 'Occupy Iowa Caucus' protesters campaigning for Mitt Romney Wednesday. Hecklers chanted 'put ...