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Mitt Romney Videos - 3 by Popular

David Letterman - How Mitt Is Moving On

What's Mitt Romney doing now that the election is over

David Letterman - The Walking Dead Meets Mitt

Do you like zombies How about Mormons You'll want to check out this clip from The Walking Dead.

David Letterman - Mitt Romney & Kids Top Ten

'Top Ten Things Kids Would Like To Ask Mitt Romney' from October 10, 2012.

Mitt Romney: What went wrong

CBS News' Jan Crawford reports on how the loss on Election Night caught the Romney campaign by surprise and what they might have done have ...

Fast Draw: Mitt Romney

CBS News' 'Team Fast Draw,' Josh Landis and Mitch Butler, share their unique, animated approach in a profile of GOP Presidential candidate ...

Mitt Romney wins West Virginia

CBS News projects Mitt Romney picks up West Virginia. Scott Pelley explains all CBS News projections are based on the vote that has been ...

First wave of exit polls shows divided country

Contradictory data in the first wave of exit polling underlines why this presidential election has been so hard to figure out. Anthony ...

Mitt Romney: An animated, "Fast Draw" profile

CBS News' 'Team Fast Draw,' Josh Landis and Mitch Butler, talk to Erica Hill and Chris Wragge and share their unique, animated approach in ...

Ed Gillespie: "We feel really good about Ohio"

Scott Pelley speaks to Romney campaign advisor Ed Gillespie about his take on exit polling favoring President Obama.

Mitt Romney campaigns till the end

With just one day left before the presidential election, Republican nominee Mitt Romney has been busy campaigning in swing states. Jan ...

Romney campaigns in swing states

Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign increases their efforts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio. CBS News' Jan Crawford reports.

Obama back on the campaign trail in Ohio

President Obama spent the final Friday of his campaign in Ohio, where he will return Saturday morning. CBS News' Nancy Cordes reports.