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The Most Perfectly Timed Photos Of 2013

Simply the best timed photos this year.Based on this post. tags: animalsaudienceawardsbuzzfeedcrazydisasterferrets

Florida Merman Mainstreams 'Mermaiding' for Boys

Mermaiding isn't just for girls anymore. Meet Eric, the professional merman tearing through the ranks of the Florida fish tail industry. ... tags: crazydusharmeericlittlemermaidmermanmy

Today in History for May 21st

Highlights of this day in history Aviator Charles Lindbergh lands in Paris, completing the first non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic ... tags: CrimeEthelGeneralInternationalLucciMermannews

Chuck the Mer-Midget in: The King's Birthday

When King Neptune announces his birthday, Chuck must find him a suitable gift. tags: birthdaycartooncomedyfishfunnymermaidmerman

You Come Here Uninvited

The Cabin in the Woods 2012 - You Come Here Uninvited - Curt Chris Hemsworth, Marty Fran Kranz and Jules Anna Hutchinson along with their ... tags: Alex_TrumanAmy_AckerAnna_HutchisonBradley_WhitfordBrian_J._WhiteChelah_HorsdalChris_Hemsworth

The Cabin in the Woods - Trailer #1

The Cabin in the Woods 2012 - Trailer 1 - Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods and bad things happen. tags: Alex_TrumanAmy_AckerAnna_HutchisonBradley_WhitfordBrian_J._WhiteChelah_HorsdalChris_Hemsworth

Split Up

The Cabin in the Woods 2012 - Split Up - Curt Chris Hemsworth suggests the group splits up to search the cabin while a monster is outside. tags: Alex_TrumanAmy_AckerAnna_HutchisonBradley_WhitfordBrian_J._WhiteChelah_HorsdalChris_Hemsworth

Powetcast Episode 8.5: Mermans in SPACE

Supplemental material for Episode 8 Rocking a PonytailCool Beans cont'dLogan went to S.P.A.C.E.Crazy tries to buy Masters of the ... tags: broodcraftdvrgamesGames_Hobbieshemanmerman

The Bitter Rose

Man-At-Arms presents the King and Queen with a painting of the enchanted Bitter Rose and Orko decides to find the real thing for Dree Elle. ... tags: AdamBattle_CatBeast_ManBladeBlast-AttackBuzz-OffCastle_Grayskull

The Gambler

During the launch of Eternias newest energy source, the Coridite Reactor, a Widget named Smudge is tricked into gambling away some of the ... tags: AdamBattle_CatBeast_ManBladeBlast-AttackBuzz-OffCastle_Grayskull

Teela's Triumph

Skeletor transports both He-Man and the Sorceress to another dimension and in doing so, Castle Grayskull is left unguarded. Teela faces her ... tags: AdamBattle_CatBeast_ManBladeBlast-AttackBuzz-OffCastle_Grayskull