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La révolution de l'impression 3D

Pendant quatre jours, du 7 au 10 janvier, les dmonstrations se seront succd au CES 2014 Las Vegas, laissant entrevoir une nouvelle offre ... tags: 2014CEShi_techImprimante_3DLas_VegasMakerBotReplicator

3D Printer Round-Up: Printing Food, Laser Printing, and More! - CES 2014 - Tekzilla Bites

There was an entire pavilion dedicated to 3D printing at CES this year, and after showing you tons over the past couple days, there are ... tags: 3d_printer3d_printingces2014ces_2014chefjetconsumer_electronics_showmaker

MakerBot's Next Generation of Replicators - CES 2014 - Tekzilla Bites

CES has always been a huge event for MakerBot, and this year is no different. This time around, they announced three new models the new ... tags: 3d_printingcesces_2014consumer_electronics_showmakermakerbotmaker_faire

A Highly Personalized, Heavily Tracked Future

A Highly Personalized, Heavily Tracked FutureMaker Faire - New York Hall Of ScienceRobert Scoble believes we are entering a new era the age ... tags: consumer_analyticsgooglemakemakermakerbotmaker_faireNew_York

MakerBot Digitizer Is a 3D Scanner to Work with MakerBot

MakerBot Digitizer Is a 3D Scanner to Work with MakerBotMaker Faire - New York Hall Of ScienceWorld Maker Faire is the US debut of the ... tags: Bre_Pettismakerbotmaker_faireNew_YorkNew_York_Hall_Of_Science

How Technology Helped us Reclaim a Crafting Community

How Technology Helped us Reclaim a Crafting CommunityMaker Faire - New York Hall Of ScienceWhat comes after the Industrial Age Not the ... tags: Douglas_Rushkoffindustrial_agemakemakermakerbotmaker_faireNew_York

Birth of the OpenROV

Birth of the OpenROVMaker Faire - New York Hall Of ScienceDavid Lang explains how he became a maker after losing his job, and how the ... tags: David_Langmakemakermakerbotmaker_faireNew_YorkNew_York_Hall_Of_Science

Design Innovation With Light

Design Innovation With LightMaker Faire - New York Hall Of ScienceCarla Diana discusses the triumphs and challenges of building the Smart ... tags: Carla_Dianamakemakermakerbotmaker_faireNew_YorkNew_York_Hall_Of_Science

Great Glue Gun Part Two - The Ben Heck Show

Ben continues his work to create the ultimate in hot-glueing technology. He takes the concepts he developed in the previous episode to ... tags: arduino3-d_printingben_heckdiscovery_digital_networkelement14hall_effect_sensorshot_gluemakerbot

Technology Holiday Wrap Up

Makerbot 3-D Printer In Time For the Holidays. Google Glass Blinds Developers. Astronauts Celebrate Thanksgiving in Space. Workout Clothes ... tags: 3DAstronautsClothesGlassGoogleHeartISS

Apple Selling IPhone 5S'S Without Contracts!

SUV Transformed into Aquarium. Twitter Responds to Government Spies MakerBot 3-D Printer in Time for the Holidays. Exo Marks the Spot for ... tags: AngelesAppleATTAutoBostonCardConnecticut

Ben Heck's Maker Faire Experience - The Ben Heck Show

Come along with Ben as he explores the World Maker Faire in New York City. Tour the fairgrounds with him to see all the cool stuff makers ...