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THE ARK OF THE COVENANT - Discovery/History/Science (documentary)

the ark of the covenant documentary. thanks for watching. history life discovery science technology tech learning education national nature ... tags: ancientarkcovenantdiscoverydocumentaryhistoryIndiana_Jones

Former Nazi guard acquitted after evidence was lost

One of Germanys last war crimes trials has ended. Dutch-born 92-year-old Siert Bruins a security and border guard during World War Two was ... tags: acquittedafterevidenceGermanyguardlostNazi

Albuquerque woman rewards man $1K for finding prized dog

The woman who lost her champion agility dog on New Year's Eve has been reunited with the prized pup. tags: agilityAlbuquerquechampion_dogkoatlostNew_Mexicoreward

Albuquerque owner asks for help in finding champion dog

A nationally ranked agility dog, has gone missing in New Mexico, and the owner is asking for help in tracking him down. tags: agilityalbuquerquechampiondogkoatlostnews

How To Deal With Losing Your Girlfriend Wife Advice For Life

How to deal with your girlfriend or wife no longer being your life How do you handle it How to handle the loss Well the answer is simple ... tags: Advice_For_LifeChangeCopeDealGirlfriendHow_DoHow_to

#LawstinWoods - Episode 01 - The Arrival (Official leaked 2 days early!:)

========================== = LawstinWoods Synopsis ==== ========================== Series Synopsis LawstinWoods follows the story of 6 ... tags: harper_harbstIndie_filmlawstinlawstinwoodslawstin_woodslostlost_in_woods

Politie lost waarschuwingsschoten bij aanhouding Appingedam - RTV Noord

Bij een aanhouding in Appingedam heeft de politie vrijdagavond waarschuwingsschoten gelost. De politie probeerde een 20-jarige Damster aan ... tags: 112nieuwsaanhoudingaltijdopnoordappingedamgroningenlostnieuws

Mitt - Trailer for Mitt

Courtesy of Netflix Netflix January 24th, 2014 tags: 2012campaignelectionlostMittPresidentRomney

#LawstinWoods 3rd Official Teaser for the Science-Fiction Web-Series that Everyone's Talking About

LawstinWoods is a web-series of the science fiction and supernatural genres. It stars Bradley Voorhees, Julian Lowenthal, Mike Kane, Kyle ... tags: horrorlawstinwoodslawstin_woodslostlost_in_woodssci-fiscience_fiction