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Best Fails of the Week 1 January 2014 || FailArmy

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$8 MILK?!: Costs Could Soar if Government Doesn't Pass Farm Bill by January 1

Milk costs are set to skyrocket by January 1 if the Senate and House of Representatives do not agree on a new farm bill. They are beginning ...

Fiscal cliff countdown: 10 days away, negotiations stall

President Obama urged congressional leaders to craft a smaller plan to avert the fiscal cliff after his more comprehensive talks with ...

Schieffer on "fiscal cliff" deal: "They are back to ground zero"

CBS News Chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer speaks with Anthony Mason and Rebecca Jarvis on the prospect of reaching a 'fiscal ...

Schieffer on new "fiscal cliff" poll

A new Gallup poll shows Americans think that going over the 'fiscal cliff' will hurt their own personal finances. Chief Washington ...

Clock ticking on "fiscal cliff" deal

President Obama appealed to the public as time winds down and Democrats and Republicans fight over how to best deal with the looming fiscal ...

What are the consequences of the "fiscal cliff"?

Americans fear the looming fiscal cliff, but what are the real implications if Washington does not address it Anthony Mason and Rebecca ...

Politics of the "fiscal cliff"

As President Obama appeals to the public over his fiscal cliff solution, Republicans balk at it. CBS News political director John Dickerson ...

Fiscal cliff negotiations continue

President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner spoke by phone while their staffs continue negotiations to prevent going over the fiscal ...

Norquist: Obama campaign called Romney a "poopyhead"

On 'CBS This Morning' Grover Norquist holds fast to his position of not raising taxes and suggests that the Obama campaign won Election ...

Fiscal cliff: How it affects your money

CBS MoneyWatch editor-at-large Jill Schlesinger explains possible scenarios surrounding the fiscal cliff problem and how it could affect ...

Grover Norquist on fiscal cliff, and Obama vs Romney

President Obama meets with congressional leaders to discuss the upcoming fiscal cliff. Grover Norquist, founder of 'Americans for Tax ...