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Afghani Outrage Escalates Over Koran Burnings

Afghan police opened fire to disperse thousands of anti-American protesters rioting for a day over an incident that the US said was the ... tags: AfghanistanburninginisafkoranquranStates

War-Weary Afghans Consider Pending Security Transfer

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force ISAF are set to hand over the security responsibilities to Afghan national security ... tags: AfghanistanassistanceforceininternationalisafKabul

Afghans: US-Led Attacks Killing Scores Of Civilians

Allegations are reported that more than 50 civilians were killed in a recent operation in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Afghan officials in ... tags: afghanistanciviliancollateralgovernmentinisafJohnson

Atacan el bastión occidental en Afganistán

A cinco das para que se celebren las elecciones, el polvorn afgano est en mxima ebullicin. Hoy un nuevo ataque terrorista ha dejado al ... tags: AfganistánatentadoISAFOTANtalibánterrorista

Attacks in Afghanistan as ISAF Hands Over Security

ISAF handed over security to Afghan National Security Forces on Wednesday in Helmand Province as insurgents launched attacks in Kandahar ... tags: afghanistanAllenAssistanceghazniHelmandInternationalISAF

ISAF fala sobre helicóptero derrubado

Um porta-voz da Fora Internacional de Assistncia Segurana quebrou o silncio e falou, nesta segunda-feira, sobre a emboscada da noite de ... tags: AFEGANISTAOderrubadofalahelicópteroINCIDENTEISAFOTAN

CSS : EMS ISAF VS CodeRed Gaming

CSS EMS ISAF EMS VS CodeRed Gaming tags: CodeRedCSSEMSGamingISAF

Pakistan Condemns Deadly NATO Attack

Pakistan's Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani on Saturday strongly condemned a NATO air strike on an army checkpoint in the country's ... tags: AfghanistanattackGilaniisafnatoPakistanraid

ISAF Confirms Attack on Pak Troops

Pakistan is blocking vital supply routes for US-led troops in Afghanistan and demanding that Washington vacate a base used by American ... tags: afghanistanCarsteninisafJacobsonnatoroute

USA: Georgia to fight Taliban

The US is training the Georgian army to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. The State Department says the first group of American troops will ... tags: AfghanistanGeorgiaISAFOssetiaTalibantrainingUSA

'Our mission is to protect, not dominate the Afghan population'

Eighty percent of Taliban militants are not ideologically motivated, believes Brigadier-General Ben Hodges, the Director of Operations of ... tags: AfghanAfghanistanAmericanBenforcesGeneralHodges

'Graveyard of Empires': Who's Next?

With the first major phase of NATO's offensive against the Taliban completed, the coalition forces are sharing high expectations they will ... tags: AfghanistancoalitionforcesISAFNATORussiasurge