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Iraq's Maliki to revive Sunni militia role against al Qaeda

In a striking change of course, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is embracing Sunni Muslim tribal fighters whose role in combating al ... tags: againstallowedDeborahfightersIraqiIraqsMaliki

Suspected suicide bomber kills at least 13 Iraqi army recruits

Police say a suicide bomber killed 13 Iraqi recruits and wounded more than 30 others in Baghdad. According to police, a man with an ... tags: andarmyIraqikilledkillsPolicerecruits

Fears for Fallujah civilians as Iraqi forces delay all out assault

Those civilians that remain in the besieged Iraqi city of Fallujah are running short of basic supplies.The government lost control of the ... tags: allassaultciviliansdelayFallujaFallujahFears

Militants in Falluja say they will "punish" Iraqi government supporters

Al Qaeda-linked militants who have seized the Iraqi city of Falluja say they will 'punish' government supporters. The so-called Fallujah ... tags: al-MalikiarecityforhaveIraqiled

Deadly blast in Kirkuk

PLEASE NOTE EDIT CONTAINS MATERIAL THAT WAS ORIGINALLY 43 ROUGH CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION At least people were killed and 40 other ... tags: andattackbombcitycutdeadDeadly

Iraqi army goes on the offensive against al-Qaeda

Kirkuk is the latest part of Iraq to feel the effects of an upturn in violence. The strongly Kurdish city was rocked by a truck bomb on ... tags: againstarmyCar_bombExplosiongoesIraqIraqi

Al Qaeda, government forces, continue battling for control of two key Iraqi cities

Armed gunmen in Iraq's western Anbar province, near the Syrian border. This is where Iraqi government forces are fighting an offensive by ... tags: andbattlecontrolFallujaforIraqiRabiee

Iraqi forces move to oust al-Qaeda from Ramadi and Fallujah

Iraqi forces backed by Sunni tribesmen continue to pound al-Qaeda militants and anti-government insurgents in the central cities of ... tags: Al-QaedaandFallujahforcesfromIraqimove

Iraqi PM urges Fallujah residents to expel militants before army attacks

In Iraq, an armed brigade calling itself the Fallujah Military Council has threatened to punish tribesmen who back government troops.The ... tags: armyattacksexpelFallujahIraqIraqimilitants

Iraqi government vows to take back Ramadi in days

The streets of Ramadi are turning into the wild west of Iraq. Days of violence have left the city deserted. Now anti-government tribesmen ... tags: andbackfightersFrandinoIraqiRamadirebels

Iraqi military releases footage of air strike in Anbar province

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION Iraqi jets carried out overnight strikes on Saturday targeting locations of gunmen suspected of being ... tags: controlCutfootagegunmenIraqinarrationQaeda-linked

Iraq violence sparks exodus

PLEASE NOTE EDIT CONTAINS MATERIAL THAT WAS ORIGINALLY 43 The fighting between Sunni militants and Iraqi government forces in Anbar ... tags: andChapmanexodusFallujaIraqIraqiKerbala