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Volkswagen set for $7 billion investment in US as it bids to become world's biggest car-maker

Volkswagen is to invest 7 billion 5.13 bn in the US as it looks to boost its sales in the region. The German car-maker has set its sights ... tags: bidsbillioncar-makerCar_industryforInvestmentset

Planting trees | Global Ideas

A father and son team are planting a green revolution in Costa Rica by restoring a part of the rainforest, creating a new habitat for ... tags: climatecostadeutschedwforestforestryglobal

India seizes opportunity of eased sanctions for investment in Iran

New Delhi has taken easing of western sanctions as a big opportunity and plans to boost its trade with the Islamic Republic. Indias ... tags: Asia-PacificEaseIndiaInvestmentIranOppourtunitySanctions

Osborne wants "responsible recovery"

By Tom LeeseGeorge Osborne has welcomed JCB's 150 million investment announcement to expand and create new jobs. It comes the day after the ... tags: EconomyGeorge_OsborneInvestmentJCBJobsNewsEurope_NewsPolitics

FapTurbo 2.0 | best currency to invest in | how to invest money | systematic investment plan

2.0 best currency to invest in how to invest money systematic investment planFapTurbo 2.0 Get FapTurbo FapTurbo 2.0 is over the ... tags: bestcurrencyFapTurbohowinintelligentinvest

Stocks Keep Climbing, Nasdaq Well Above 4000

U.S. stocks marched higher Nov. 27 as trading thinned out ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. In morning trading, the Dow Jones Industrial ... tags: 1997_mini-crashBusinessInvestmentOctober_27Stock_marketUnited_States

Made in Germany | An Investment Banker Blows the Whistle

Million-dollar commissions for investment bankers harmed the economy and laid the groundwork for the global financial crisis,according to ... tags: bankerbanksbonusescrisisDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

The Economic Stimulus Package | Made in Germany

To deal with the economic crisis, the Federal Government has launched several investment programs. The funds are intended primarily for ... tags: EconomicGreifswaldInvestmentInvestungModernizationPackageProgram

Heading Towards The Future | Made in Germany

The next few years will see some 26 billion euros spent on infrastructure in Poland, primarily on new motorways. A share of the funding ... tags: infrastructureinvestmentmotorwaysPolandroads

Ethical financial products | Made in Germany

'Let your money work for you.' That slogan was once used by banks to attract new customers. But the banks didn't tell them what exactly ... tags: banksEthicalfinancefinancialindustryinvestmentmoney

The Pitfalls of Buying Gold | Made in Germany

Gold is booming. The price of the precious metal has risen to an all-time high of more than 1,050 euros per ounce. You can purchase it via ... tags: bankbuycrisisGoldinvestment