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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie faces probe over Hurricane Sandy funds

An advert promoting tourism in the US state of New Jersey is at the heart of a federal investigation into the alleged misuse of relief ... tags: ChristiefundsGovernorHurricaneHurricanesJerseyJustice

Giant wave in Foz do Porto

A storm in the Atlantic caused strong winds and huge waves off the coast of Portugal on January 6. In this video, a large wave sends people ... tags: FozGiantHurricanesPortowaveWeather

Deadly tornadoes rip through US Midwest

A fast-moving storm system has triggered multiple tornadoes in Americas Midwest.At least five people have been killed and scores injured as ... tags: DeadlyHurricanesMidwestripthroughtornadoesUSA

Philippines devastation 'bigger than anyone could have imagined' - Red Cross

Red Cross volunteers in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, have been preparing aid bundles to be sent to parts of the country ... tags: anyonecouldCrossdevastationhaveHurricanesimagined

Tacloban orphanage praises 'brave' children who survived typhoon

Amid the devastation left by the typhoon in Tacloban has emerged a miraculous tale of dozens of former street children who survived.Staff ... tags: braveHurricanesNatural_catastropheorphanagePhilippinespraisessurvived

Thousands try to leave Tacloban as Haiyan aid trickles in

Thousands of people desperate to leave typhoon-stricken areas in the Philippines have besieged Tacloban airport.Although some aid has begun ... tags: aidHaiyanHurricanesleavePhilippinesTaclobanThousands

Hospitals in Tacloban struggle to provide medical aid after Typhoon Haiyan

There is a state of emergency not just for patients but for hospitals as well after the super storm ripped through Tacloban in the ...

From social media to UN appeals - Philippines aid efforts intensify

Families on Cebu island in the Philippines who lost everything in Typhoon Haiyan are utterly dependent on aid.With access difficult for the ...

Typhoon-hit Philippines near anarchy in desperate Tacloban

Officials in the central Philippines are still overwhelmed in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. In Tacloban, corpses lay uncollected. ...

Typhoon Haiyan: a 'wake up call' at UN climate talks

The plight of the Philippines is ever-present as an international climate change conference continues in Poland.On the sidelines of the ...

Typhoon-struck Coron mayor in Philippines appeals for emergency help

The storm surge of Typhoon Haiyan reached as high as houses roofs few buildings could withstand the wind. Euronews managed to contact the ...

Philippines: tens of millions affected by Typhoon Haiyan as president declares state of calamity

In the Philippines, authorities say nearly 10 million people across 41 provinces have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most ...