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The Hawaiian Creed (Tito & Reggie from Rocket Power)

Prepare to get your childhood ruined The imagery in this fan fiction is vile. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED MAIN CHANNEL People in the recording ... tags: frighteninghilarioushorriblehorrificmessed_upottoreggie

Asiana crash victim was run over twice

US federal investigators revealed on Wednesday that emergency vehicles twice ran over a teenage survivor of July's Asiana Airlines plane ... tags: AccidentAsiana_AirlinesAsiana_crash_victim_was_run_over_twiceFlightHorrificInvestigationJet

Top Ten Horrific Animal Attacks in Movies (2013) HD

Top Ten Horrific Animal Attacks in Movies 2013 HD

HORROR: Brazilian Footballer's Wife Opens Door to Find Husband's Severed Head

Brazilian police have launched a manhunt for the severed head of a retired footballer that was left on his wifes doorstep. The footballer ...

10 people gunned down at private party in Mexico

Two gunmen burst into a home east of the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez on Sunday night, where celebrations were taking place ...

Teacher recovers after horrific McDonald's incident

A teacher from Laceby is finally back on his feet after an horrific incident in 2012 in a McDonald's in China nearly cut him in half. Simon ...

Horrific bus plunge in Italy kills at least 37

A tour bus filled with Italian pilgrims plunged off a highway into a ravine in southern Italy on Sunday night and smashed into several cars ... tags: BusHorrificInItalyKillsleastPlunge

Amnesty: Syrian civilians endure 'horrific' regime violence

Amnesty International has accused Syrian government forces of endangering civilians by increasingly attacking residential areas ... tags: AleppoAmnesty:civiliansendureeuronewshorrificregime

FEAR 3 - Multiplayer Crazy Run trailer

FEAR 3 - Multiplayer Crazy run trailerNew episode of the Warner Interactive 's horrific saga, this trailer of F3AR tell us more about ... tags: F3ARFEARhorrifichorrormultiplayerruntrailer