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Obama Administration Drops Contractor Behind

The Obama administration has opted not to renew a contract with CGI Federal, the tech firm behind the Obamacare website. tags: accenturecgi_federalhealthcarehealthcaregovhealthcare_glitchesobamacareobamacare_contractor

Former Microsoft Exec To Take Over

Kurt Delbene will start working for the government on Wednesday and work for at least half a year. tags: former_microsoft_exechealthcarehealthcaregovjeffrey_Zientskurt_delbenemicrosoftpresident_obama

Punchlines: reboots

The late-night comics talk about the latest defense of Obamacare and fixes to its website. Vote for your favorite joke at ... tags: Affordable_Care_ActcommondgroundCommon_GroundConan_OBriencraig_fergusonhealthcaregovhealth_care_reform

Obama Tuesday Speech: Focus On ACA Law, Not Website

While the White House acknowledges issues with, the start of an ACA campaign means the administration is ready to go into ... tags: affordable_care_actbenefitscampaigncriticsdemocratshealthcaregovobamacare

White House Declares Fixed For Vast Majority

The Obama administration says it reached its self-imposed deadline to have most of the site's problems fixed. tags: healthcarehealthcaregovhealthcare_websitehealthcare_website_fixednovember_deadlineobamacareobamacare_website

Small Business Section Of Delayed Until 2014

The administration now says small businesses won't be able to use to enroll in insurance exchanges until November 2014. tags: healthcaregovhealthcare_website_delayinsurance_exchangesobamacareobamacare_delayobamacare_rolloutobamacare_small_business

Obamacare Signup Deadlines Extended

The Department of Health and Human Services is extending the deadlines for enrollment in the healthcare marketplace. tags: acaaffordable_care_actbarack_obamahealthcaregovhealth_and_human_serviceshhsobamacare

Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Fall Far Short Of Target

Just 106,185 people enrolled in Obamacare's signature health insurance exchanges during the program's first month. tags: enrollmenthealthcarehealthcaregovhealthcare_enrollmentjohn_boehnerobamacareobamacare_enrollment

WTF is the TPP & Why It Matters - The Philip DeFranco Show

In today's show we talk about Nic Cage noodz, Mark Wahlberg speaking about his job, a homemade Batmobile, the leak of the TPP and ... tags: healthcaregovkraftmaleficent_trailermark_wahlbergnicolas_cagephilip_defrancostarbucks

Is 'I Didn't Know' an Okay Excuse for a President?

At what point is 'I didn't know' no longer an acceptable excuse for a sitting president

Obama's Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low

The new low for Obama comes amid public frustration and growing cynicism.

Only 6 Enrolled in Obamacare on First Day: Documents

Those looking for health care enrollment numbers might have gotten some answers Friday, and they are not pretty.