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House To Vote Today On GOP's Security Bill

House lawmakers are set to vote Friday on a proposal designed to address potential security breaches on the Web site as ... tags: ActAffordableandHealth_careHealth_ReformPatientPresident_of_the_United_States

Democrats Reject GOP Offer: Jobless Benefits For Health Law Suspension

Republicans are pushing proposals involving suspending parts of the health law in return for extending unemployment aid. Senate Republican ... tags: ActAffordableandCareHealth_ReformPatientProtection

500,000 With Canceled Health Plans Still Lack Coverage

An estimated 500,000 people who received cancellation notices have not yet signed up for new coverage, administration officials said ... tags: 111th_United_States_CongressActAffordableandFinancial_economicsHealthcare_reform_in_the_United_StatesHealth_care

Can 7 Million People Enroll In Obamacare By March 31?

Health policy experts are debating whether the Obama administration can carry through on its plan to enroll seven million Americans in ... tags: American_Counseling_AssociationBarack_ObamaHealth_careHealth_economicsHealth_ReformIraq_War_troop_surge_of_2007MedPage_Today

Obama Moves To Extend Some Cancelled Insurance Plans, But Will Everyone Go Along?

President Barack Obama's one-year plan to allow insurers to keep Americans on plans previously cancelled under the health law's new ... tags: ActAffordableandBarack_ObamaHealth_careHealth_insurance_exchangeHealth_Reform

Searching For A Fix To The Canceled Policy Problem

Politico reports that finding a fix that won't disrupt the insurance market is no easy task. Meanwhile, in California, Anthem Blue Cross ... Contractor Says It Flagged Problems

House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa released documents late Tuesday from one of the primary ObamaCare contractors that show the ...

IRS Offers Preliminary Glimpse Of How Many People Were Able To Use

Despite the technical problems plaguing many of the new health insurance Web sites, the federal government has delivered 330,000 premium ...

Obama To Acknowledge Troubled Rollout Of

President Barack Obama is expected to call the problems plaguing the insurance exchange's startup unacceptable and detail efforts to fix ...

Top 3 Political Stories of the Day

Experts have been enlisted for a tech surge health care website. France summoned the U.S. ambassador on Monday to protest allegations in Le ...

Top 4 Political Stories of the Day

After playing a central role in the negotiations, two health law tax provisions -- one related to reinsurance and the other a levy on ...

Obama warns Republicans to stop using "extortion" and...

President Obama has held a news conference about the US government shutdown.He warned Republicans to stop using what he called extortion ...