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First-Look at Madcatz F.R.E.Q. 9 Bluetooth, Noise-Canceling Headset - CES 2014

Is the F.R.E.Q.9 the only headset you'll need for the rest of your life With bluetooth, USB, a wireless dock for various connections, ... tags: bluetoothcesces-2014ces2014companiesfreqfreq-9

UFC at CES: Monster Headphones Party

Dana White, Ne-Yo, Anthony Pettis, Bruce Buffer, Joseph Benavidez and more party at the TUF Gym to celebrate the launch of Monster's ... tags: cesdanaGymHeadphonesmonsterNe-YoOctagon

CES 2014: Blue Microphones Introduces Mo-Fi Headphones - GeekBeat.TV

For obvious reasons, we're used to thinking of Blue Microphones as a producer of, well, microphones. Excellent ones that have a track ... tags: blue_microphonesces_2014gadgetsgeekgeekbeatgeek_beatheadphones

Titanfall: Hands-On With Mad Catz Exclusive Accessories

Will Mad Catz accessories give you the edge in Titanfall We take a look at five new peripherals. tags: accessoriesfreqfreq-4dfreq4dglideglide-3glide3

Sennheiser's Newest Headphones and Gaming Headsets - CES 2014 - Tekzilla Bites

Patrick visited the Sennheiser booth at CES 2014 and checked out their new high-end consumer headphones, DJ headphones, gaming headsets and ... tags: ces_2014earphonesg4me_oneg4me_zerohd8_djheadphonesivory

Best tech accessories 2013

You've got the ultimate tech bag now it's time to accessorise with these 10 must-have extras tags: 2013best_gadgetsfeatureheadphonesreviewshare_partnertech

UK Study: The Digital Age May Be Causing Mass Hearing Loss

A group of researchers in the UK called the Medical Research Council is conducting a study on mass hearing loss as a result of mp3 players ... tags: deafdeafnessdigital_ageheadphoneshearing_lossipodmp3_players