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Herman Cain tied for first

Herman Cain finds himself tied for the lead in the GOP presidential nomination race with Mitt Romney, the man he endorsed in the last ...

Satoshi Kon Marathon : Tokyo Godfathers

The Year almost ended. And there is no better way to conclude it, than with Satoshi Kon's first and only Christmas movie. Happy Holidays tags: animationGodfatherskonmarathonmoviesatoshiTokio

Kon Satoshi : le choix de Guillaume, Responsable Communauté BD Manga

Retrouvez l'univers de Kon Satoshi sur N en 1963 et trop tt disparu en aot 2010, Kon Satoshi a pourtant eu le temps ... tags: animationAnimefnacgodfathersJapanjaponaisekon

David Letterman - Herman Cain Preview

What exactly is the deal with his 9-9-9 plan On Friday night, Dave welcomes Herman Cain, candidate for the Republican nomination for ... tags: 9-9-9 cain david godfathers herman late letterman

Herman Cain: Veggie Pizza is "Sissy"

11/14/11 In a new interview with GQ Magazine, Herman Cain says meaty pizza is manly pizza and veggie pizza is sissy pizza. ... tags: 2012 cain candidate election gay gender godfathers

Herman Cain "Sharon Bialek" Sexual Harassment Blues

Sharon Bialek has come forth today to accuse Herman Cain of sexually harassing her 14 years ago. He tried to get her to exchange sex for a ... tags: 2012 Association Bialek blond candidate CEO Chicago

Herman Cain: Crappy Campaign?

10/27/11 The elitists at the New York Times have published a Herman Cain hit piece alleging that he has a terrible campaign ... tags: 2012 9-9-9 999 cain campaign ceo election

Herman Cain is an Idiot - The Music Video

Written and performed by James Kotecki Loosely inspired by the columns of Roger Simon POLITICO ... tags: 9-9-9 999 abortion Cain Colin Powell Condoleeza Condoleezza Rice

Is Herman Cain African-American?

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain came out and said that he does not want to be referred to as an african-american. Cenk Uygur ... tags: Africa AfricanAmerican America American BarackObama Black CenkUygur

Harry Belafonte slams Herman Cain

Harry Belafonte is speaking out against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain during a recent appearance on 'The Joy Behar Show,' ... tags: 2011 apple bad behar Belafonte Cain candidate

Herman Cain's Big Surge

Presidential candidate Herman Cain is only to Mitt Romney in the GOP primary race. tags: 2012 cain election godfathers gop james kotecki